• Brittany

How to Start a Non-Profit (with no experience)....

Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21

First you have to plan, jot down, pray, and talk about ALL your plans to help the community!

Second you have to narrow down your extensive list of ALL the things you want to do, and make it a more obtainable list...(as if anything is out of reach with God... am I right?)

Third, have a "come back down to reality" moment with your spouse and board and realize that you also have budget hurdles, a family, a full time job, IRS paperwork, board laws and countless regulations to maze through.

Fourth, figure out where you can even start your business. What support do you have in the community? Do you have a Board of Directors that will support your vision?

Fifth, spend countless hours organizing, tagging, creating spreadsheets, pricing, and taking photos of inventory... and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Where are you going to get marketing tools, websites, racks, furniture, etc? What donations do you have for start up?

Fifth, learn how to be humble and ask for what you need. People can't read minds and if you don't ask for the things you need then no one can, or will, help you.

Lastly get out there and ask for what you need. Make phone calls, go in person, just get out there and be uncomfortable! Then sit back in amazement at how ALL the pieces of this huge puzzle you've been struggling to put together are finally falling into place.

A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Friends, I want to share with you something that can only be described as a miracle. This big dream of ours was never just an idea. From the moment I spoke it out loud, the people that I needed to meet, I met. The money I needed was donated. The retail space I desperately sought was provided. I said "community I need dresses", and the dresses came. Pretty Posh Boutique started as, and will continue to be, a non-profit that is meant to exist.

If you know Morgan and myself, then you know that we are definitely go-getters. Neither of us can easily be scared away from what we want! It took 36 hours to tag and take pictures of each and every dress, but it's going to be so worth it. We both get an idea and before you know it we're acting on it! To date, we have collected almost 200 gowns, and the donations are still coming in! We feel so happy, and beyond grateful, to our supporters for helping us get this "little" non-profit off the ground. With our collective group of various talents and backgrounds making up our board of Directors, Pretty Posh will literally be able to service the teens in the surrounding areas of Boerne.

To fill you in if you're new to our page..Pretty Posh Boutique collects gently used gowns, shoes, and accessories and then sells them to the community at a very low cost. We also are dedicated to giving teens who are unable to pay an entire outfit at no cost. In the Spring we plan to have events in the community to give back, and raise funds to further our mission.

Please continue to support us and know how much we appreciate it. If you can donate $5 or an item a teen can use for their event, then let us know. It takes $50 at Pretty Posh Boutique to dress a teen from head to toe for their big event. EVERY little bit helps!


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